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Thursday, May 26, 2011


As salaamu alaikum everyone...
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#4: "For Science!" in the Muslim World

#4: "For Science!" in the Muslim World

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Question In The Comments

Anonymous said:

Salam wa alaykum sis,

Are you using stories of the world by safia Iqbal for history? If not could you please tell what you use? I been wanting to find someone who wasnt using story of the world by the well trained mind author

Wa alaikum as salaam,

Yes, I am using Safia Iqbal's. I do skip around a bit because I see that she has bits and pieces of topics in other books in the series. I am trying to cover Ancient History this year and next year, InshaAllah we will continue with seerah in a more in-depth way, along with the Middle Ages.

I don't mind following the Well-Trained Mind's study sequence, i.e.

Time Periods:
Early Modern

For Science:
Biology/Classification/Human Body
Earth Science/Astronomy
Physics/Computer Science

These are done in four-year cycles. We're a bit off but it's still early....

I plan to give a more in-depth look at what we will do next year very soon, InshaAllah. Right now, I am taking classes with the Student's Guild of Al Kauthar, Arabic four days a week and the Women Only FiQh course twice a week via The Fiks so my time is really limited. InshaAllah I hope to take this blog to the next level soon, so make du'a for me.

Amazing Azaan Discovery: 24 Hours A Day!

Ancient Greece and Rome

I'm trying to fit in all the ancient civilizations that I can without rushing, but I still want to cover some of the ancient African civilizations too, like Ghana, Mali and Timbuktu. For now, we are trying to quickly get in and out of Greece and Rome, (there's so much shirk, I have to be creative).

My daughter says the best part about covering civilizations is the geography lesson. She loves tracing, coloring and labeling the maps:

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Name Withheld - What Do You Think of Her Statement?

"I went to my prom, was crowned Prom Queen, and had a ball. I am also going to let my children go to their proms, if they choose too. They are currently in public and private school, are exposed everyday to the opposite sex. I do my best to talk to my children about this religion and where this religion is in their lives. To expect our children to not experience things in life is ridiculous. I think that if the brother goes with his sister it should be fine. They know they are Muslim, their Islam is not going to go out the window if they attend proms, award ceremonies, or graduations. They are always going to be exposed to things that are unIslamic, as long as we do the very best within our limits as parents, Insha'Allah our children will be fine."

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Weather Lab: Reasons for the Seasons

My daughter is trying to figure out which hemispheres have winter while the others have summer. It's tricky showing rotation and revolutions at the same time!
We are completing science experiments here and there, using the earth science curriculum from Pandia Press. We're not really doing them in order and sometimes we substitute for other things but the experiments are quick and easy and most of the materials can be found at home.

In a few weeks, InshaAllah, I hope to get them outside during the night so that we can cover the sections on space. I am also using the Handbook of Nature Study and so far, we've used it to read about the interesting things that we find in our backyard, like the yellow jacket that found its way into the house on Saturday!

Ancient China Notebooking/Lapbook (Long and lots of pics)

*The blank country page is from Geography Scribe* I search for maps and my daughter traces them in the empty space. We then use an atlas so that she can draw the flag.

This is probably the most ambitious lapbook that we've completed thus far. We haven't completed many as I've never been a fan of doing them, but they seem to get easier as the children get older and can make choices about the layout and pictures.

We read from Stories of the World:Book 2 by Safia Iqbal and Islamic Village Stories: My Chinese Village from Goodword Kidz.

For the lapbook, there were lots of pieces taken from our Ancient Civilizations eBook, dynamic2moms (scroll down for China), History for Kids and some from a lens on Squidoo. We omitted anything having to do with the Chinese zodiac and other shirky junk.

The lapbook contains several elements. First, we learned what the people of ancient China ate:

Then, we read about the difficult task of building the Great Wall of China.

After that, we learned to count (I don't think it specified Cantonese or Mandarin?) and we completed an accordion-style timeline.

The costumes of ancient China are vast and for this we used a paper doll to display some samples from different dynasties.

We learned more about the Uighurs of China so that we may mentally connect with the Ulama and can visualize the reality of Islam being a global deen. We read about the nomads who come from Kyrgyzstan  and Kazakhstan to spend a few months in the hills surrounding the villages of Uyghuristan,all the while living in yurts. You can see a slideshow of the Uighurs here.

Next up, we learned about the discovery of silk and the silk road.

On the back, we added definitions

And finally, we did a bit of dictation on the architecture of ancient China so that my daughter can sharpen her listening skills. 

Saturday, May 7, 2011

New Website: Homeschool Moms For Moms

***This is for information purposes, I am not affiliated with the site nor a member.*** 

Launching: Social Network Site for Homeschool families

Building a stronger homeschool community by engaging mothers.

CARBONDALE, COLO. – Homeschoolmomsformoms.com (HSMFM) is a free social network site that aims to offer all homeschool families a place to engage with other members regardless of educational philosophy, curriculum choice, religion, or reasons for homeschooling. We hope to provide a space where families can learn about each other, form friendships, find out about events, grow, and share their discoveries about learning.

The goal of Homeschool Moms for Moms is to bring families from different homeschooling philosophies together to discuss their similarities and differences for the good of individual families and the homeschool movement.

Homeschool Moms for Moms is part of the network of websites, Moms for Moms Communities, started by Janine Cuthbertson, which is a portal of hyper-local online social networks for moms to discuss, interact and engage within their own communities. It is also affiliated with the website OutdoorBabynetwork (created by Heidi Ahrens in 2008), a national website for families who enjoy the outdoors.

Using the successful Moms for Moms network as a template, site founders Cuthbertson and Ahrens are launching Homeschool Moms for Moms as a resource with online communities providing a forum where moms can connect, safely share information and resources tailored to their geographic area, support each other in homeschooling, and be inspired to build a stronger national homeschool network.

Homeschoolmomsformoms.com combines practical information while engaging national homeschooling families of different backgrounds. Homeschool Moms for Moms does not seek to replace other homeschool online resources but rather build, engage, and encourage dialogue between families. It is our hope that in this way we can create a meeting place for all homeschooling families. Parents can exchange advice about methods to use, curriculums that helped a special needs child, or simply share resources. Equally relevant to mothers with older children, the sites also serve as a platform to discuss educational and political issues, and even find a call to action. Moms create and join various groups within each site, such as Expecting Mamas, Families Living with Autistic Children, Gifted Education, or groups based on geographic locations.

Homeschool Moms for Moms is a safe place where moms are welcome to post photos of their children’s portfolios, work, crafts, artwork, and learning environments. Families can also post presentations of learning (videos) so that other families can see what a finished product looks like. It is a great way for children to get an audience for the efforts and hard work they have put into a homeschool project. Membership is free to all homeschool parents or the homeschool curious. To protect the safety of the sites, membership is moderated by the site administrator.

As the site grows it will become a national resource for homeschooling families of all backgrounds. All the information is relevant to the members because the content is user-generated by homeschool parents. The site also supports homeschool bloggers and businesses. Businesses may join the site as sponsors, promoters, and advertisers. To ensure the site stays free from clutter and irrelevant information, potential bloggers, businesses and advertisers are screened.

Homeschool Moms for Moms is an online community resource to connect with homeschooling mothers, share information, find and offer support, and be inspired by one another! To join and learn more about homeschooling visit Homeschoolmomsformoms.com, and for more information contact Heidi at heidi@homeschoolmomsformoms.com.

Building a stronger homeschool community by engaging mothers.

Heidi Ahrens
P.O Box 1536
Carbondale,Colorado 81623