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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Working on Reading

I've quickly made up a word wall for my son. There's nothing fancy about it as I'm too lazy. It includes some of the words that he has learned in the past few days and I still need to add a few more, InshaALLAH.

He is four and is doing well but it is a little frustrating for me because his sister was a bit further along. It just goes to show that their issues are unique and that sometimes it is the teacher who must adapt to the child's learning style and not other way around, SubhanALLAH.
I think that I have identified the problem. He's having trouble blending some words. For example, if the word is "pan", he will sound it out but when he puts it all together, he says "an", completely dropping off the first letter. I'm not really sure why he does this; in spite of this, knows a lot of sight words so I am able to make some nice sentences for him.

EDIT****Later that evening
Okay, as of tonight, it seems to have clicked, AlhamduLILLAH. LOL, kids are like that sometimes. He's been having this problem for weeks and suddenly he's gotten past it. I don't question, I just go with it.


Emma Apple said...

MashaAllah sis I love this! It's REALLY hard to have kids that are at different levels.

I have an almost 5 year old who read her first book before she was 4 and is reading at about 8yr old level now, and an almost 3 year old who is only just speaking in multiple sentences and still very much broken english. It's hard to adjust my teaching and even parenting style to the 2 very different personalities and strengths.

We're getting there though, mashaAllah on your sons progress!

Nakia said...

Salaam Sis!

You know, it really helps, AlhamduLILLAH. My son was the same way - speaking late, while the girls were talking their heads off almost before they were steady on their feet.

It was hard at first to adjust but now, I'm excited all over again because he can read a whole book by himself and spell his name.

Your daughter's reading level sounds about on par with mine. M is 6 and she reads books written for 9-12 year olds. The only concern is this: what do I give her to read that keeps up with her intellect but fits with her maturity? So far, she's reading horse books, lol. I just have to be careful because a lot of books start to introduce dating around this time (so early?!)

Take care,
wa salaam,

Emma Apple said...

Wa Alekom Asalam!

SubhanAllah you're so right! It is exciting in different ways as they reach their milestones and progress in their learning. My little man is recognizing most the english and arabic alphabet and has down pat most his colors in arabic and english too, so for him that is what's exciting at this point. I just love learning about their individual personalities.

About the reading, that is exactly what I am worried about, that's why I asked so many questions about your daughters reading on another post. I'm not sure when to offer more challenging things because I don't want to push it at all (her reading is 99% self taught just with my support so I try to stay back and just let her develop at her pace) and then WHAT to give because while they may be able to READ advanced books, they may not understand the concepts completely and that might even deter the reading or lower their self confidence. Don't even get me started on the dating thing! I'm still trying to deal with the birthdays/xmas/easter conversations.

I LOVE the idea of non fiction though!!! MashaAllah.


Nakia said...

Salaam Sis,

Yes, nonfiction is an option - we have lots of that lying around because we buy a lot of discards from the library.

She also enjoyed the Ramona series from Beverly Cleary and the Boxcar Children series.

There are plenty of those to keep her busy - hundreds! I found about twenty of them at the thrift shop.

I'm also thinking about the classics like Oliver Twist, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea or Around the World in 80 Days but these might end up being books that I read aloud to her, I'm not sure yet.