(20:114) ربِّ زِدْنِي عِلْماً

Monday, May 25, 2009

Our Flower Lapbook

The children are really into exploring outside and discovering all that ALLAH has given us, so I decided to at least do something productive as they get their hands dirty. For a while, the weather has been sunny and warm one day, cloudy and cool the next. AlhamduLILLAH we were able to get out and enjoy it.

I was inspired by LapbooksbyCarisa, but since I don't have a membership to Enchanted Learning anymore I had to find free worksheets elsewhere.

We started off with a PowerPoint presentation of the parts of a flower.

As we went through it, the children studied their flowers (and weeds, lol).


This is the front of our lapbook - it's nothing fancy and I'm sure some of you creative sisters out there can make it much better.

Parts of the Flower Lapbook I

You can see the Parts of a Flower worksheet (pdf)which is a basic version for younger children so they don't have to stumble over the vocabulary and a word search that she hasn't completed yet.

The inside cover has vs 20-21 of Surah 9. At-Taubah with a pretty picture. Sorry it looks so small here. If you click it, you can enlarge it on my flickr page.

Surah 9. At Taubah vs 20-21

Next are several little booklets.
Open Me

The one at the top left is a picture that my daughter drew. Just a basic picture to take up space.

Black and White Garden

Next, is another color page for labeling the parts of a flower (pdf).

Introducing the Parts of a Flower

The small matchbook in the lower left-hand corner can be labeled on the inside.

Parts of a Plan

Flowers, stem, leaves, roots

We also did a little origami (pdf). The pink tulip (above)is hers and the purple one is mine. They are very easy to make and now of course, she wants ME to make a whole garden for her!

There is also a comprehensive/reading section (pdf),she hasn't done it yet, we ran out of time and a coloring grid (pdf),and color by number pictures.

We made a flower (sort of) on the back with the answers for the comprehensive/reading section.

Reading Comprehension I

Reading Comprehension

Coloring Grid

Color By Number

Also there is a bee/flower jigsaw that you can try - you have to download and save it.

Whew! That's it, I need to go lie down now, lol.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Getting Out into the Sunlight

One Of My Favorites

We're still carrying on in our homeschool as usual but we are enjoying the sunlight much more this year. We are getting more adjusted to the changes in our household as the days pass AlhamduLILLAH, (new baby and mother-in-law lives a bit farther away).

It has been a busy time around here without her daily help but my husband has filled in the gaps brilliantly, Masha'ALLAH. He is gently pushing us to learn more du'a and Qur'an (myself included) by turning it into a bit of a competition. My daughter has an incredible memory, MashaALLAH and she's trying to surpass me! LOL I need to step up my game, InshaALLAH.

Overhead Foliage

I'm also being more physically active with the kids so we have a bit of an improvised recess session every day. Right now, we're working on a lapbook about the parts/functions of plants and flowers and I should have some pictures of our activities in a day or so, InshaALLAH.


The kids adore flowers and would rather go picking them and pretending to plant gardens than play sometimes, lol.

One of My First Decent Flower Pics

Of course, this is never good for me and my poor little tulips have suffered.

They've come back!

This was just from a couple of weeks ago - aren't they nice? My two-year-old pulled them up the next morning so they aren't there anymore. :( Oh well, InshaALLAH they will be back next year.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Working Out Again

I've been working out (for the past two days, AlhamduLILLAH) and stumbled across SparkPeople. If you're interested, there are a few groups on there for Muslimahs trying to lose some weight/get fit. My page is here.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Brought to You By the Letter S

Brought To You By the Letter S

I bought this preschool curriculum from Its Only Kid Stuff so long ago and I am just now getting around to it. It's basically a curriculum built around monthly themes and craft ideas - lots of craft ideas but it's nothing any resourceful homeschooling parent couldn't find on their own. My kids love any hands-on activities so I think they will like it.

Questions To Those Who Moved To/Live In Saudi

Keep on Moving

We are feeling better and now that Spring is here, we can get outside more and do some exploring and get our hands dirty. I like this time of year - especially for science experiments.

Gifts for Mom

Lately, my daughter and husband have kicked it up a notch in the Arabic department so I am working hard to keep up. We are now delving into arithmetic in Arabic. I think I may develop some kind of lapbook for this.

In other news, we are thinking/talking about the possibility of making the move to Saudi Arabia (husband may be working there). It's nothing definite, just talk for now, but I was wondering what it's like to live there as an expat.

There are many pros and so far the only real cons are being away from my family and some negatives about goings on in the kingdom (I've heard that you can't go there with naive eyes - I'll say no further because I don't know.) If we did go, I would still continue the blog from there but a move like that wouldn't take place until about a year from now anyway. I just want to get an idea of what we would be getting ourselves into.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Feeling Better

Take heed, remember your salat.