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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A Showcase of Language Learning Sites

Including Arabic Pod and Arab Academy

Useful Educational Blog List

The educational links at this site range from free tech for teachers to Picture Book of the Day.Tech-savvy folks should start at the top. The links are categorized by grade and there are blogs from many different teachers and even a few links to different classrooms. Sigh. I need another eight hours in the day to explore some of these ideas, lol.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Visit Kids Land

There are different activities to explore. I haven't tried it yet, but there is a Qur'an quiz, an Arabic alphabet rhyme, etiquette of drinking water, jigsaw puzzles....

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Beautiful City Photography

There are some really great photos here and about three or four of them are mosques.

Views of the Solar System

This is nice. There are plenty of things to see here. One of these days (if the snow melts and the warm air returns) we might find some of these things in the night sky.

Free Arabic Links and Lectures for Sisters

There are lots of free resources to download at Kalamullah. There are Arabic for Dummies and Tajweed podcasts.

There are also some interesting lectures on the Mothers of the Believers, Holiday Season and Bidah, and Was the Prophet (SAWS) Romantic?

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Arabic Numbers

Another Arabic Number Video

Arabic Numbers

Amazing Free Resource for Arabic Learning

This site,Arabic comes first, has so much to offer,MashaALLAH. There are many vocabulary words, coloring pages, stories, classroom commands, etc. The stories are in full color with the English and Arabic and the drawings are halal. May we all benefit from these resources which have been provided for free, Ameen.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Monday, February 9, 2009

Children's Books

These look like fun.

Getting Back to Normal

We're finally trying to follow most of our new routine. My daughter is learning what it feels like to work on her own a bit and not be so dependent upon me. After all, she can read pretty well, so now is the time to get her into the habit of reading the directions (aloud) and following them.

She loves math. I asked her which she liked better, art or math and she said that she likes them both the same. AlhamduLILLAH. However, she informed me that her career choice is "Arabic teacher with a school somewhere" and that she will need to "find some Muslims to go there."

The Singapore Math is coming along nicely. We go through a couple of units at a time and then at the end of the unit block, there is a review session. This is the first time that she has had to complete written work on her own so there was some initial apprehension but she soon found her way.

Singapore Math Second Grade

Of course, they always come up with clever ways to convince me to get out the paints.

Mess-making 101

Seeing them around paint is so stressful, lol! The whole time, I am wondering if they are going to spill it (or eat it) but I know that I need to learn to relax.

And on that note, lol I managed to finally print out some elementary school rules.

School Rules

I found these online so long ago and I lost the link. I have the pdf so if you are in need of them, email me and I will do my best to get them to you, InshaALLAH. Some of them don't have faces and the others are easy to mark out.

I also have a few signs to show others in the house what we are doing and where we are at a particular time in the day. They are also good for those pesky solicitors who come to the door during the day - just stick them on the door and perhaps they will go away. I printed them on cardstock and now they need to be laminated.


And of course, what is more fun than earning a prize for doing your work and following the rules? Stickers are the ultimate motivators around here. Right now, the kids are going through a planet and star phase.


It has taken a few weeks to adjust, but even the little one managed to join us as we revisited the money and five pillars lapbooks today.

First Day of School

Lapbooks revisited

I sort of got away from making lapbooks because they were so time-consuming for me. I think we need to find some simpler ones that don't take so much cutting and pasting time.

My daughter is an excellent reader, MashaALLAH, so now is the time to hone her skills by tweaking her spelling. Last week, she started Emailing my mother to practice. Every couple of days, my mom sends a message and my daughter types a response - there is no emphasis on punctuation at this point, although she does add interjections via smileys and emoticons.

Another project that we completed in the last week was some amateur bookbinding.


You can learn how to do it here. We used cardboard, embroidery floss and Elmer's glue to make ours. It's not fabulous, but we were impressed.

sewn pages

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Don't Follow Rodents Into the Fire

Narrated Anas RA, that when ALLAH'S Messenger (SAW) came to Al-Madinah, the people had two days on which they engaged in games. He SAW said, "ALLAH has substituted for you something better than them: the day of sacrifice, and the day of breaking the fast." Reported by Abu Dawood and An-Nasa'i, with a Sahih isnad.

I've been planning to talk about ways to avoid the hype and/or participating in non-Islamic/pagan holidays and festivals for some time now. It was on my mind back in October when we had the dreaded Halloween (the whole night I thought, "Please don't come to our door" and AlhamduLILLAH no one did), and again during Thanksgiving (the Canadian holiday is in October and American in November - I can't win).

Of course, these are followed up by the Christian holidays and then there's Boxing Day and New Year's and now something that hadn't even crossed my mind: Groundhog's Day.I remember learning this nonsense in school when I was younger.

It seems harmless doesn't it? Just like Valentine's Day and Mother's Day and Father's Day,(wow, a whole day to honor us),these are not the days ascribed to us. I was never big on any of these in the first place, but it saddens me when I see Muslims doing it. People are trying to play weather psychic with a rodent. Who can know the weather but ALLAH? Must we succumb to the so-called predictions of an animal?

It is narrated by Bukhari and Muslim, on the authority of Zaid Ibn Khalid Al-Juhani (ra) that he said: "Allah's Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him) prayed the morning prayer with us in Al-Hudaibiyyah after it had rained during the night, and when he had finished, he addressed the people, saying: "Do you know what your Rabb said?" They said: "Allah and His Messenger (may Peace Be Upon Him) know best!" He (may Peace Be Upon Him) said: (Allah swt said:) "Some of My slaves this morning are true Believers in Me and others are disbelievers: As for those who say: "We have received rain from the Bounty of Allah and His Mercy," they are Believers in Me and disbelievers in the stars, while those who say: "We have received rain from the movements of such-and-such a star," are disbelievers in Me and believers in the stars."

We cannot attribute the changing of the seasons to anything or anyone other than ALLAH.

Muslim has narrated, on the authority of one of the wives of the Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) (Hafsah - may Allah be pleased with her), that Allah's Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) said:

"Whoever went to a fortune-teller and asked him about some matter (i.e. of the unseen) and believed him, will have his prayer rejected for forty days."

The Prophet (may Peace Be Upon Him) informs us in this Hadith that if anyone visited a fortune-teller and asked him about a matter of the unseen - about which, in reality, none possesses knowledge except Allah - and believed in what fortune teller said, Allah will not accept his prayers, nor reward them for forty days - and this is a punishment for the major sin which he has committed.