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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Desk Solution

So, it has been super busy around here lately and I don't know where to begin.

First off, we found a solution to our desk situation. I was having a hard time finding suitable seating in our classroom and almost spent a little money to solve the problem. Instead, my brother-in-law called us to say that a local school was throwing out old tables. Don't you know, we snatched up two of them and now we have this table and another one for our listening station. ALLAH provides! Now, we have some tables for seating and we have a table for a listening station, AlhamduLILLAH. We have some books on CD and some audio tapes and headphones for everyone, so that will help me to space out the activities of the kids, InshaALLAH.

Desk Problem Solved

Listening Station

At the Eid bazaar, I picked up two new components for the homeschool. There were puzzles for sale ($5 for the whole lot), so I jumped at those right away. They are all unique and I hope that they are a challenge for my daughter because she's really good with puzzles, mashaALLAH.


There was also a set of Arabic blocks that fit together to form words - with the first, initial and final positions of the letters on either side of the blocks.

Arabic Word Blocks

Arabic Word Blocks

Arabic Word Blocks

May we derive benefit from these (AMEEN).

My oldest is also a bookworm so we have started tracking her progress. I saw this on a blog some time ago and thought it was cute, so I printed a picture of an airplane (can't remember where) and now when she reads a chapter book, we add a cloud behind the plane. It encourages her to read more and I'm hoping that we make it to at least 50, InshaALLAH before our school year concludes. We started in August and so far, she's read 11 chapter books. She reads books written for 8-12 year old children, mashaALLAH.

Books in the Clouds

Finally, we are implementing Sue Patrick's Workbox System into our homeschool agenda.

We're Using Workboxes

For me, it just makes things easier and my daughter doesn't have to constantly wait for me to get things together and she can go on with her assignments while I work with the others, InshaALLAH.

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C said...

Masha Allah its amazing what you can find from all these schools closing down. 10 yrs ago I got tons of free books and one school had an auction and I got cheap tables, shelves etc.