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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Learning To Read

My son is doing well with his lessons, mashaALLAH. I am using the Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and so far he likes it. He's not quite ready to begin writing so I am showing him how to form letters with sand on a tray.

Sand Writer

It's a bit messy but he likes it anyway. Also, I make words with the few letters that he knows and I ask him to read them by sounding out the words or I ask him to identify the letters by sound (i.e. "Show me the letter that sounds like mmmmm).

Sounds like mmmmmmm

We also still have the other tree on the wall. I decided to take down the rain forest animals (finally) and add the alphabet. I will probably just have him find the letters that he knows by pointing them out (with the meter stick) and tell me the sounds. I think that I will add some acorns to the bottom with the capital letters on them.

Our Alphabet Tree

He's also doing well with his math.

Singapore Math K Book A

Sometimes I let him work with his dad just to take the pressure off of me. It's different and he learns to adjust to different styles of teaching.

Learning With Dad

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