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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adding New Components Such As Notebooking

As she gets older, my daughter is able to retain more information and she's able to grasp more difficult concepts, but I don't want her to just soak up knowledge from a book and not apply the knowledge. She likes to be involved in her lessons rather than just sitting at a table all day, so I try to think of projects for her that are fun and relevant to the lessons.

I recently stumbled upon a blog called Science Notebooking and now of course my mind is racing with ideas that I have no time to work on (but I will, lol). Homeschooling is a constantly evolving, never static process. I learned long ago not to fear changing or adding to our agenda. If it's beneficial, why not? We used to do a bit of notebooking so I am familiar with it.

Her Science Notebook

We are using a science book that needs to be printed and put into a binder anyway, so I thought that I would try to make it as interesting as possible while allowing her to create her own book of science along the way.

Beans in Jar Science Experiment

The first few chapters in her book are about plants and seeds and germination. She's thrilled to do anything that involves seeds so she's having lots of fun with this.


There are lots of ways to personalize your binder/notebook. I thought of using a composition book like the teacher at Science Notebooking but I decided to stick with the binder since we have to print out the lessons. It would be too much work to properly size the worksheets and then glue them into the composition book.

I also plan to add some pages for our nature studies/walks. I found lots of notebooking pages for science all over the net, like these and these.

We're also working on a small, handwritten glossary but I didn't get a picture of it yet.

Up next, InshaALLAH, toddler activities.

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