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Monday, May 11, 2009

Questions To Those Who Moved To/Live In Saudi

Keep on Moving

We are feeling better and now that Spring is here, we can get outside more and do some exploring and get our hands dirty. I like this time of year - especially for science experiments.

Gifts for Mom

Lately, my daughter and husband have kicked it up a notch in the Arabic department so I am working hard to keep up. We are now delving into arithmetic in Arabic. I think I may develop some kind of lapbook for this.

In other news, we are thinking/talking about the possibility of making the move to Saudi Arabia (husband may be working there). It's nothing definite, just talk for now, but I was wondering what it's like to live there as an expat.

There are many pros and so far the only real cons are being away from my family and some negatives about goings on in the kingdom (I've heard that you can't go there with naive eyes - I'll say no further because I don't know.) If we did go, I would still continue the blog from there but a move like that wouldn't take place until about a year from now anyway. I just want to get an idea of what we would be getting ourselves into.


Nyl said...

It depends what city you will be moving to...each city has its own qualities I suppose. And if your husband works for an American/European company then the perks of living in a compound might be something you can easily adapt to. (A compound is a walled community and everyone living in it work for the same company- living in the compound is like living anywhere in the US- it basically houses expats). Give me more info and may be I could say more!

Nakia said...

Well, we would like to move to Jeddah - we have family there and my husband would be teaching English, InshaALLAH. I lost your comment and could not find it for the longest time! I have hundreds of emails that I was searching through.

What about renting an apartment? I wouldn't want to live on an American compound.