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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Homeschool Field Trips are Fun!

We have had a busy couple of weeks around here. First, the baby went to a pediatric surgeon to have a skin tag removed. It was over in about ten minutes and then she had a tiny little bandage on her head for a few days. She was given some type of local anesthetic but she still cried and oh how it hurt to hear that. She has two tiny stitches that need to dissolve and then she'll be fine, InshaALLAH.

Comfort Zone

Here she is in her baby hammock. My husband got this for $8 CDN last summer at a yard sale from a lady who used it maybe a couple of times. They cost a lot more brand new.

Ontario Science Centre

When we got to the science centre, the outside was empty but there was a significant lineup inside for the film. Of course, we couldn't get tickets at that point (it's separate from the free pass, apparently) so we ate lunch and proceeded to explore the areas designated for play.

Mix and Match

It was nice to let them run free and explore without worry. My son really liked to run from station to station and he could be as rough and inquisitive as he wanted.

Weird Voices in the Machine


That'll be, $5.00

Hot Air Balloon

My middle daughter seemed to enjoy herself as well, although I think she spent most her time trying to follow the others.


It's hard to catch her smile. She tends to frown a lot.
Can I Get A Price Check?!

They managed to pull their dad into the fun in the bubble center
Making Bubbles

and then they were literally off and running.

My Bubbles, My Bubbles!

I will stop here for now but there are more pictures to come, InshaALLAH. We've been so busy around here that I barely had time to upload the pictures (I took 191 photos that day).

Oh, and if you plan to go to the Ontario Science Centre and you're a nursing mom, there are designated rooms for nursing your little ones. There was also an area for salat in the Sultans of Science area and a cafeteria on the lower level for bag lunches.

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