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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ramadan Mubarak

May all of your fasts be accepted, Ameen.

Ramadan Mubarak

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Montessori Materials

They ship to Canada as well....

Free Cloth Diaper Sewing Patterns

If you are so inclined, take a look at these.

Finally, I finished knitting something

This is the Cable Vest by Sarah Hoadley. Ravelry link is here.

Cable Vest I

It was supposed to be for big brother but he has a big head, lol. My little vest model ran out of patience quickly so I ended up with blurry photos. I still need to make some things for the baby but I've been so busy homeschooling that I can't find the time.

Books for Ramadan Learning

Since the kids are so young, I envision lots of coloring and easy crafting for Ramadan. We might do a wee bit of copywork and use the "Eid Mubarak" Islamic Celebration Around the World by Susan Douglass.

We will be using these books during Ramadan as well, InshaALLAH.

The Pillars of Islam Pop Up Books

They are The Pillars of Islam series and they are pop up books:

I also purchased some lights to decorate the home.

Other than that, we still have to work on phonics and math.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Keeping Track of Ourselves Part I

I downloaded homeschool tracker last year and never used it. Not because it was useless; on the contrary, it probably would have saved me a reasonable amount of time.

I was still trying to figure out what worked best for us and I had two very little ones at the time (like I will have this coming school year after the baby is born, InshaALLAH but I have the advantage of experience).

So, I downloaded it again it and have started to establish our one-room schoolhouse.

This is a list of the subjects that we will cover InshaALLAH with the main resources that I would like to use. It's mostly just a reminder for myself, but if it helps you then Masha'ALLAH.

Phonics -
Pathway Readers - JazakILLAH Khair to Sister Candace for bringing this to my attention. This is a program set up for Amish schoolrooms so the reading comprehension is centered around morals and values. It looks like there aren't any aqeedah issues.

Son: Beginning to Read/Preschool Kit in conjunction with Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons and Donna Young's Manuscript Lessons

Daughter: Second Grade Language Arts Kit

I like what Saxon Phonics has done for my daughter but I am so tired of it. She learned to code words and think for herself before asking for help while reading, but the reading comprehension is very insignificant in the program. She needs much more practice than the tiny bits on the worksheets. All that aside, I will use it again for my son when he reaches first grade phonics, InshaALLAH. Pathway Readers has an online placement test that your child can take. My daughter is right on target at the second grade level.

Extras: possibly something by Leap Frog or Hooked on Phonics as fillers for my son.

Daughter: practice with words from Scripps National Spelling Bee's Consolidated List and Merriam-Webster's "Spell-It" booklet.

Singapore Math

Son: Essential Math Kindergarten A and B

Daughter: Math 2A and 2B

Starting to Arrive
I got these from Ebay a few days ago, so we'll be using the US Edition instead of Standard.

Copywork: I am making something for this - I've only begun to develop it. This is to supplement the other subjects and aid in memorization.

Stay-tuned for these subjects, InshaALLAH
Earth Science
Islamic Studies
Field Trip

Getting It On Paper

I am slowly organizing and planning our tentative schedule. We took a trip to the library yesterday and got a card for my daughter. The cards for children are so much more interesting than the plain blue adult cards so she was really excited.


My son on the other hand, did not appreciate being left out and thought it was terribly unfair that he did not get his own card. I told him that he has to be able to write his name properly and then we will talk, InshaALLAH.

I think we will have to establish a nice reading list with a minimum required number of books for the school year. I am thinking at least 100. There are approximately 36-40 weeks in our school year so I think this is more than reasonable - especially if she reads at least three books a week. She reads more than that on her own anyway.

Another thing I would like to do is make time in the school day for read aloud sessions each day. We did this last year when she started her kindergarten curriculum but my son was so disruptive that we were not able to continue with any regularity. I read a chapter a night to her before bed and she loves it. I think I will continue this and also read aloud for about twenty minutes during class.

For my own reading,I picked up The Well-Trained Mind because I have heard so much about it.

What's the hype about?

It does have some valuable information such as recommended subjects and how to present them for each grade, but I think a child can spend more than 10-15 minutes on their religious studies. It's all in how the material is presented.

It is very thorough, I must give credit for that. Also, it is adaptable to suit different homeschool styles and situations, I think.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

UCMAS Canada

Have any of you had any experience with them? I want to enroll my daughter so that she can have an outside activity independent of the family and develop herself, InshaALLAH.

Suratul Nasr

This was also memorized a few weeks back.

Suratul Nasr (Divine Support/The Help)

Suratul Nas

My daughter learned this some time ago but I totally forgot how to post mp3 files!

Suratul Nas

Time to Learn Time

This was a busy week for us because we are squeezing in lots of lessons along with errands and appointments. I am trying to finish the Saxon math and phonics before the baby gets here and keep my sanity, InshaALLAH.

Another task that is taking considerable time is our tentative schedule. More about that later, InshaALLAH.

What I have been working on (finally), is a calendar and clock with the Islamic/Arabic script numerals. I couldn't find anything online so I had to make my own. Does that happen to you too? These seem like basic items but they aren't available anywhere that I have searched. Perhaps I am looking in the wrong places? Allahu 'aalam.

Islamic/Arabic Script Clock Template

Anyway, I made a clock and here's the pdf template if you need it. You will need Adobe Reader.

It's best printed on card stock and laminated. I plan to use it with this book among others from Troid Store. My husband bought all of the Arabic Learning workbooks from their site when my daughter was about one, lol. We planned to homeschool from the start and I am glad that he had the vision to get these materials so long ago, Masha'ALLAH.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


This site has plenty of free worksheets available. I would like to use the Handwriting worksheets to make hadith, du'a and Qur'an copywork pages, InshaALLAH. Just type in your text and print it out.

Curriclick Has a New Free Download

This one is a lesson packet for the month of August. Just click the blue "free download" button. There are some pages that can be printed and used for various uses.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Canadian Home Education Resources

This site has Saxon and Singapore Maths, Home Economics, Social Studies (including books on Inuit communities).

Monday, August 4, 2008


Free color flashcards. There are also lesson plans, worksheets and so on.

Study Your Prophet

Muhammad Rasulullah:(sallallahu alayhis wa salaam) Curriculum

This is a first grade textbook/workbook combo but I think it is great for K-2. I got it from Noor Art. It not only talks about Prophet Muhammad(sallallahu alayhis wa salaam) but etiquette in the masjid and so on.

I also got this which I am finding to be an invaluable tool from IQRA (also through Noor Art).

Preschool Curriculum

Since my son will be joining us, InshaALLAH, I need all the help that I can get because he is a handful! This covers an array of topics, including emotional development, Arabic and English learning at a young age, art, math, writing, developing speech, etc.

Art Solution

Art Supply Solution

Remember how my daughter kept getting into the paints? Well, no more! Ikea has an inexpensive solution called "BYGEL".

It also comes in handy because I caught my son trying to cut his hair with the scissors and AlhamduLILLAH I saw him in time! He doesn't want me to cut his hair because he thinks that he can do a better job, lol.

Science Supplements

We made a trip to Chapters and got a few books the other day:

For Second Grade Science

For Second Grade Science

Super Science Materials

These are all meant to supplement our science curriculum in the next year, InshaALLAH, which I still haven't assembled.

Summer Fun


We had a nice time at the zoo yesterday.It was dreadfully hot and there was lots of walking and lots of people.

As Close As I Could Get

We had to park so far away that I had a little bit of regret right at the beginning, lol.

We went around the world today

We decided to get a membership to the zoo because it is open all year long (didn't know that) and it really is the best value for us.

Finger Biters I

Since my daughter is studying Earth science in the coming year, InshaALLAH, we can really take advantage and visit at least a few more times before next August.

Water fall

The only disappointment for us was the elephant exhibit. They weren't outside this time so I was annoyed because that's what I was most looking forward to seeing. Oh, same thing with the hippos.

Looking For Lions

The older children were able to ride the camels thanks to their father's enthusiasm and they liked it a lot, except they said their camel was stinky.

Nervous but Willing

There were several exhibits showing artifacts.




Even my mother-in-law had fun!

Mother-in Law on a Safari Tour

Friday, August 1, 2008


Take your old calendars, cut out the pictures of the mosques and laminate them. Instant art for your learning space!

Recycled Art

Instead of buying expensive rolls of Kraft paper to decorate the bulletin board, grab some rolls of gift wrap from the dollar store:

Paper Wall

Busy Day

I took the kids to a local mall with my mother-in-law today for some quick errands and I am so tired now.

We stopped at the local Dollarama store and what a find!

Social Studies From the Dollar Store


Here are the titles if anyone is interested (click to see it larger).

List of Titles