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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Studying the Night Skies


I apologize for my absence it has been a little while. I've suffered from iron deficiency anemia in all of my previous pregnancies and this one is no exception. I am tired quite often and usually succumb to a nap in the late afternoon.

So we've been going right along with our school work as usual and everything is going fine. We had a bit of a mysterious disappearance the other day. We planted our sunflower seeds in some empty egg cartons and the next day, they were gone! My daughter was very disappointed so I guess we will have to try it again.

One observation that I made about my daughter is that she hates to fail. She hasn't failed anything yet but she did miss a few questions on one of her assessments and I thought she was going to have a fit. She has to learn sight words and for a while she had particular trouble with the word "where". We went over it and over it but she could not recall it. She missed it on the assessment and her eyes quickly filled with tears. Needless to say, she remembers it now! She's doing very well and we are working on building sentences and compound words.

I Can't Go Swimming In the Cold

She's also reading aloud in her Grade 1 Science book(which I think is excellent because there are words in there that we haven't covered yet, like words that end in "ght"). We are studying the phases of the moon and the night sky so I think it's time to invest in this:
We talked about using the moon for the sake of calendars and to determine Ramadan and both Eid days. Who knows? We might get a lap book out of this!

We've also been talking about akhlaaq and ironically my husband "discovered" this book which we are already using.


AlhamduLILLAH that he makes an effort to supply the children with Islamic knowledge.

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